June 28, 2013

Birthday Set

** Happy Birthday Box **

I thought this little gift set turned out so cute; I wanted to share!

My friend/neighbor's birthday is today 
I was trying to figure out what to get her.

Chocolate was out (I know... sad, but true) due to a precious little 
two and a half month old ;)

And I know she likes healthy stuff. I tried to find my favorite Bolthouse, but not sure they make it anymore (?) 
(and for all intents and purposes we will count lemonade as healthy today :)

I spotted these cute lemonade bottles at Smiths.

I'm a sucker for great packaging!

There are 4 flavors:
strawberry lemonade
mango lemonade
 raspberry lemonade.

I have not tried these, but hope they are a tasty birthday gift!

The scoop:
recycled Cherrios box cut to fit the 4 bottles
pink chevron tissue paper 
kraft crinkle paper 
computer printed birthday tag

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  1. Very cute and love the idea of recycling the cheerios box!


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