October 15, 2012

~3~ Halloween Wreaths

Halloween is my favorite holiday ~ haha ~can you tell :)

I remember a home that I would drive by I believe on my way to my daughter's preschool. On the front door was just a simple straw wreath ( I think it was) and there would be just one item hanging from the center. I loved the simplicity of it and how one could change out the center to coincide with whatever holiday or season. 

Here is my version: just a grapevine wreath, an orange tulle bow and a fabulous black felt spider I found at Hobby Lobby last year hanging in the center :) This wreath lives on my front door.

The above wreath is another simple wreath using the same spider idea (a plastic spider ring with the 'ring' removed :) and with Halloween's traditional colors in tulle. I have one of these hanging on my front entry closet door and one on my pantry door. 

And finally this little wreath was inspired from a craft from Family Fun. For mine, however, I bought this fun furry-type yarn and wrapped it around the plastic carton ring & tied a grosgrain ribbon. This year, I have a piece of orange embroidery thread to help hang it. It is on kitchen cabinet hardware. 

Three simple wreaths to help celebrate this fun holiday! Thank you so much for stopping by today!!

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