November 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Decor

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Hello All!
Well, November is upon us.
Which means to come...
Good Food and Family and Gratefulness :)
What a great combination!
Have you officially packed away your Halloween decor?
If so, get it back out! 
My cute, little daughter has come up with a genius idea...
A black Witch's Hat easily turns into a Pilgrim Hat!
Just take the peak of the witches hat, turn it inside out, then push
the peak back inside itself halfway to create a round shape.

This particular hat has a little structure to it, so it holds its shape pretty well. The more satin-y witches hats may be a little more trickier to form the round shape.

I added a felt 'strap' and a foil buckle

Fold foil into a square-type shape and cut the center out.

Using pre-cut felt rectangles, cut (2) length-wise strips
the width of the buckle hole.

Sew the (2) strips together and trim the excess from seam
Wrap felt around hat and adhere. I just used the
reusable blue tacky gummy stuff :)

Adhere foil buckle and you're done!

If I had had ribbon, I would have used that, however the felt worked out just fine. Plus, I used a little blue tacky to adhere the hat to my faux mantel. 


  1. Such a cute hat & mantle! Stopping by to let you know I’m featuring you tomorrow on Made in a Day! Thanks so much for sharing this at my Linky Party~

    1. Thank you so much, Kim! I look forward to it :) Happy Holidays!


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