November 13, 2013

3-D Pumpkin Wreath

 My friend and neighbor made this cute little stuffed pumpkin a few years back.
Isn't it so cute?
So, I had this idea to add it to
my entry-way grapevine wreath 
as a bold statement type of design. 
 From the front it looks fabulous! 
From the side....
not so much.

I usually have the wreath hanging more flush with the door. 
With a 3-D object, that didn't seem to work out as well :) ha ha!
So, I added a ribbon thinking it would 'hang' a little bit better.
I think it does.

I just used brown thread and tied the pumpkin to the wreath
and used a bit of blue painters tape on the back of the pumpkin as well.

I have another pumpkin like this with different fabric and
a grapevine wreath for my linen closet door in the bedroom hallway, but
it's a narrow space, so I decided against adding the 3-D pumpkin there.

 I think this is one design/wreath you will either
love it
hate it! 

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