October 29, 2012

Halloween Wall Decor - Part 2 & 3

I finally finished up my Halloween Wall Decor; only to be putting it away soon because Halloween is almost here, right? haha :)

Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo ~ Cute Witch and Sweet Barbie

Actually, I'm pretty much done with Halloween. Are you? We've attended a Halloween party at church, were invited to a trunk-or-treat with my Sis-in-law's family and I've had my Halloween decorations up I think pretty much since the beginning of the month! I'm ready to move on to something else :) Although, my Thanksgiving posts may be scarce. I don't have a lot to share for that holiday. And I can't seem to think of or find much to create as well.

Anyway... the next applique I created was the pumpkin. Please refer to the Candy Corn Applique for full tutorial.

Again, I created a paper template but cut freehand the black felt face pieces. The great thing about felt is that you can adjust it / trim it to make it look 'just so' even after the initial shape is made. I did that here and also on the candy corn applique. To make the raffia curly Q's, please follow my tutorial from my Rustic Pumpkins post. Here's a photo for a clue.

After playing around with the placement of the face pieces I top stitched them into place with my machine. You can see that his eye on the left got all wonky! Unfortunately or fortunately that's how I roll - haha! At this point his eye either looks kind of pirate-y or perhaps 'he' is a 'she' and her false eyelash is a little droopy. Or the pumpkin is giving a little wink ;)

Who else than the 'Queen of Craft' (aka Martha Stewart) to give me a perfect bat template! Each one by themselves was not the right scale, so I ended up using 2 of the small sized bats.


Tape template to black felt and cut out bat shape. Glue down bats and machine top stitch.

For the eyes, they are small self-adhesive cell phone acrylic gems. Add a touch of craft glue with a straight pin to help adhere. 

I added a yellow felt full moon as the whole applique seemed to plain with just the 2 bats.

I used craft glue to adhere all 3 applique 'pillows' to an orange satin ribbon. 

Sew a little loop of embroidery thread to the back and you are ready to hang :)

Happy Halloween !!


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