September 18, 2012

Rustic Pumpkins

I have a love for rustic-looking things & design even though what you see around my home is a lot of contemporary design.

(Okay, I admit... lots and lots of IKEA. ;)

I had just put my natural decorative balls (from Ikea) in my fabulous silver bowl (from ikea - haha!) when I saw this post from Cool Mom Picks featuring a book called Catalog Living at its Most Absurd: Decorating Takes (Wicker) Balls.

Oops....  ;)

However, I must say, it's worth your time (especially if you need a laugh) to read some of the posts from the author's blog; it's a funny one! (We can all relate and laugh at ourselves, right? :)

Anyway... I made these Rustic Pumpkins being inspired by Michelle at Delicate Construction and her Stick Ball Pumpkins ! Here's my take on them.

The crafty scoop: 

I had a small tree branch that I used for the 'stems' of the pumpkins. To do the same just saw/snap off pieces that fit the scale of the wicker ball. I also shaped some of the ends of the stems a bit with the serrated knife. No need to glue.

For the cute and irresistible curly Qs, wet raffia strings with water and dab dry with a towel. Wrap string around a pen securing the top over itself. Using the cap of the pen, tuck in the ends of the strings. Let dry.

Wrap and/or tie raffia around branch stems and if needed trim ends.

Thanks so much for stopping by today :) Happy Autumn to you!

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  1. I just bought some of these last night :) Maybe I'll turn them into pumpkins! Thanks for sharing at my Halloween Linky party!!

  2. Hey, cute idea!! I have bunches of these little balls as bowl filler!!!


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