March 5, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Table Runner

Here's a little project you can complete in a couple hours or so!
I had quite a bit of green felt that I planned on using 
for a Christmas decoration...
 but didn't :)

I cut a piece and just stitched a couple borders around
in light green thread with my sewing machine.

To create the four-leaf clover...
I printed a free coloring page and taped it to the runner...
...then sewed directly on to the paper template.
Use a wide-stitch setting.
Carefully tear away the paper from the stitching. 
 Some areas feel like it's pulling apart a perforated piece of paper. 
Pick apart left behind pieces. Use a needle or pin if needed.
Pull left over thread through to the back with a needle, knot and trim.

There! All set for St. Patrick's Day! 
(still need to fill my Ikea bowl with something?)

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