October 30, 2013

Toasting 101

Toasting Almonds
Toasting Nuts and Seeds could not be easier!
You just have to keep an eye on them so they don't burn.
Toasting adds a lot of flavor without having to use any additives.

I've seen toasting in the oven, but I just use my
There's no need to add any oil to the skillet, just use raw nuts and seeds.
The oil they already contain helps toast them.

You'll want to have a layer of nuts or seeds 
that don't overlap much if possible, so they toast pretty evenly.

Turn on the burner to high, 
 but once you hear them start to sizzle,
turn the burner OFF.
Stir the nuts/seeds constantly - keep 'em moving!
Or they can burn. 
When they start to turn a golden brown they are done.
Remove them to a glass bowl to cool. 
Give Sunflower Seeds a try!
Sesame Seeds were a little too strong in flavor..
may need to use without toasting. 
Use the nuts or seeds in salads or homemade granola bars! 
I have a recipe for a peanut butter granola bar I will share in another post!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Shelley! I love nuts and seeds. I always like to buy them raw. When I toast them, I seem to overcook them a lot. This is a much better way for me to prepare them.

    1. Hi Candace ! Thanks for your comment, love toasted nuts and seeds, too ! Hope they turn out well for you :)

  2. Hi Shelley,
    I love nuts and seeds. It never occurred to me to toast them. I have to give it a try. Pinning your post and now following you.

    1. Hi Darlene ! Thanks so much for stopping by ! I really like the flavor toasting brings out. Let me know what you thought if you get a chance to try it . Thanks again :)


I appreciate your comments! Thank you :)