July 25, 2013

Decorations for Summer

Just a little fun decor on my faux Ikea mantle for summer!
I love my big fat pickle jars... they are filled with food coloring and water.

The orange sliced are real,
so they may get to lookin' kinda dried up and crazy after awhile :)

My tree!

Does anyone else have a thing for tumbleweeds? (haha :)
It is designed with paper leaves shown how to make below.
All you need is some different shades of green scrap paper.
No need to measure!

Then secure with clear tape on a branch like this:

Not sure how long the polka-dot towel will last, it's my 6 year olds and she may take it away for swimming!!

And the banner is paper letters I found at the dollar store strung with thread.

 Have a great rest of the Summer!

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